We want people in companies to work together in a joyful, meaningful, motivated, and committed manner, in addition to having a common understanding of the major goals. We help companies do this by looking at the big picture and developing the actions each company needs to undertake for it to grow beyond its own goals.

We have a systemic view, a suitable method case, and together with our clients, develop an approach that is fitting to the current situation and the corporate culture. Performance and a smooth handling of the necessary changes are supported by a custom-fit systemic organizational development. This always includes further development of individuals and teams. Humanistic values are the basis of our actions. Loyalty and trust are a self-evident fact for our cooperation.

Anchoring sustainability in the corporate strategy and harnessing the power of all employees in its implementation creates meaning and strengthens cohesion. We firmly believe that a sustainable orientation is a good basis for business success and a better world.


We think bigwith you.


We think bigwith you.

System Analysis

We create transparencywith you.

System Analysis

We create transparencywith you.

Organizational Development

We empower companiesto achieve their goals.

Organizational Development

We empower companiesto achieve their goals.

Change Management

We accompanychange processes.

Change Management

We accompanychange processes.

Leadership competence

We develop and establishan effective leadership culture.

Leadership competence

We develop and establishan effective leadership culture.

Personality development

We support you indeveloping your ideal self.

Personality development

We support youin developing your ideal self.

Team development

We make teams strong.

Team development

We make teams strong.


We offercertified learning formats.


We offercertified learning formats.


… are curious and combine current, innovative and classic approaches. We have many years of experience and know which approach will really benefit you the most. In our team all competencies and experiences are represented, which are invaluable for your long-term success. We like to think for ourselves, put our heart and soul into our work, apply successful methods and maintain a trusting, continuous contact with our customers.

OUR MISSION: Strengthening connections in companies, for a better world.

Jeannette Partner

Hamburg, Phone +49 (0)172 6638292 – Mail

Understanding change less as a burden and more as a great opportunity has been my motivation for many years in accompanying companies, teams and individuals in their mission to improve their operations and business from a place of comfort to a place of inspiration and success.
As a banker and business economist I am familiar with financial ratios, as a management consultant I have experience in strategic discussions and sustainable business decisions, as a systemic organizational developer I make decisions with the long and short term results of those decisions in mind, and with the genuine conviction that trusting and challenging a corporation at eye level is an essential success factor for a positive future, I enjoy working with entrepreneurs as a consultant or supervisory board member.

With our offer we support entrepreneurs and companies to work on their business sustainability for the future – we enjoy working on the following:
– in projects on strategy and culture topics that contribute to the success of restructuring or implementation of company-relevant IT systems,

– working with teams and individuals on their future success and always keeping an eye on their strengths and business foundations,

– on the constantly evolving topic of leadership and cooperation.
My training as a systemic organizational consultant is the basis of my method and knowledge of the relevant processes.

In addition, I trust in my experience, which I have acquired for over 30 years in numerous fields, my intuition and my love for working with people. I love to work in a group and to laugh with them, I am happy to be allowed to learn something new every day, and I practice discipline on a daily basis.

Edda Vanhoefer

Munich, Phone +49 (0)171 6262090 – Mail

My professional passion lies on two levels – I like to train people in what I understand, and I like to find or invent ways and means to support companies, teams and individuals on their way to their full potential.
Since 1996 I have been self-employed in the field of consulting, training and coaching. Since 2000 I have been the managing director of Change Corporation in Munich.

Since constantly developing myself and my own learning is a necessity for me, I like to be up to date with all the offers to my customers. At the same time, I enjoy constructing new solutions with my experience and the current requirements of the customer and developing and implementing something pragmatic, useful and impactful.

With the foundational knowledge of working with several companies as a consultant, trainer and coach, the relevant knowledge has also been acquired through my own experience. So today I can understand so-called obstacles in companies even deeper and adapt the speed of change to existing culture and habits.

I am inspiring, hard-working and relaxed at the same time, working with organizations, teams and individuals in a combination of systemic view and other helpful pragmatic approaches from group dynamics and positive psychology.

Some of my training: Group Dynamics Trainer with Team Dr. Rosenkranz, Learning Organization Consultant with Peter Senge in Boston, Systemic Organizational Development in Heidelberg and Munich, Training in Systemic Body Psychotherapy at IFW in Munich.

Since 1996 I have been training people in systemic perspectives, consulting and coaching. I am a teaching trainer at the German Association for Coaching and Training e.V., teaching coach & teaching trainer of the European Coaching Association, certified for MBTI, Open Space Beta and I train people in mindfulness meditation.

Sabine Stoehr

Munich, Phone +49 (0)176 61318628 – Mail

Change and development accompany us constantly, even when we pause. Whether we want to or not that realization is a great lever for change and the integration of new things. My willingness to go new ways comes from my inner attitude, and this has inspired me greatly, so much so that the topic of “attitude” is a basic building block for my support in change and development processes.

My own professional path has been shaped by change and thus by an ever-growing wealth of experience. As a graduated Romance Studies student, the leap into the financial sector was a large change.

I maintain an Intensive relationship with the question of how a good and successful customer relationship can be built up and maintained. In addition, successive immersion in the field of coaching and organizational development. The various experiences gained are now incorporated into my main areas of focus:


  • Integrative emotion coaching with emTrace® – pinpointing blockages and strengthening resources. To support you in emotionally challenging situations in life, emotional performance security for things like exams or performances.
  • Mesource® enables you to make sure that your emotions do not work against you, but work as a source of strength. An efficient short training that leads to sustainable resource strength, resilience and thus emotional health.
  • Sales coaching – Reflecting on your inner attitude towards yourself, your customers and your products, and adopting new conversational skills.
  • Leadership of or in small and medium-sized organizations – developing and implementing vision, developing structures, mastering challenges together.
  • Team development – communication within the team, mastering critical situations, developing and maintaining a “we” feeling, utilizing diversity.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Systemic Personal and Business Coach (Coaching Akademie Berlin), Systemic Organizational Development, Change Management & Agile Leadership (Edda Vanhoefer), Wingwave® Coach (Besser-Siegmund-Institut/Eilert-Akademie), Mesource® Facilitator (Eilert-Akademie), emTrace® Coach (Eilert-Akademie).

Ahmad Mohseni

Ingolstadt, Phone +49 (0)89 5999 4999 – Mail

Ahmad Mohseni (born 1957, Iran) is a German citizen and studied acting at the Folkwang University in Essen. He worked as an actor/director and theater producer in Hamburg and Munich for 11 years. For 5 years he was a lecturer at the Munich Kammerspiele and the Bavarian State Opera.

While working, Ahmad attended courses in group dynamics/group management, organizational development (Institute for Systemic Research, Heidelberg), systemic consulting and development (Management Center Vorarlberg, Königswieser& Network).

From 1994 to 2000, he worked for the Audi Academy as a corporate and organizational consultant in the Audi and VW Group.

In 2000 Ahmad founded the “MOHSENI Organisationsberatung”.
Knowledge and experience

Audi Academy:

Ahmad has earned an excellent reputation as a senior management consultant and trainer in the field of communication, creative direction, organizational consulting and coaching in the Audi and VW Group. He developed and implemented training for successful communication in times of crisis (press conferences, 10-20 second spot for TV news). He also developed and implemented the curriculum for the Sales Germany division. For the Technical Development division, he restructured and realigned the Audi design department. For about seven years, Ahmad supported the participants of the “Group (Junior) Executive Program”, an international management development program of VW Coaching, as a coach and consultant. He also designed and organized an annual management congress for the 300 top executives of the production departments as part of the continuous organizational development.

MOHSENI Organizational Consulting:

Recently created and delivered the following program, training and intervention:

  • 2016: RDPMS Bratislava
  • 2016; 12-day curriculum for “Senior Project Managers” (Level B) for SIT AB Sweden.
  • 2015; 20 days training for PM-2 Training in AAN
  • 2011; Strategy implementation AUDI AG (Behavioral Branding) “Brand Cube Intervention” for 3,500 employees, 70 events, each event 4 hours
  • 2012 -2013; Strategy implementation AUDI AG (Behavioral Branding) “Brand Expedition Intervention” for 3,000 managers (3-day event).

Management of the “Leadership Academy” for Qimonda, Infineon and OSRAM:

Since 2000 Ahmad is a certified trainer of Learning Campus SIEMENS for project management courses conducted internationally: in UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, India, Spain, Norway, Sweden, China, Hungary and Belgium.

Other coaching clients:

Königswieser& Network, outsourcing of a division of DZ Bank, consulting FIAT in Turin and FIAT Germany in Frankfurt. ORACLE, Autoliv GmbH, Webasto GmbH, SIEMENS AG, DellbrückBethmann Maffei ABN AMRO, Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg, Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank, Ministry of Justice Hessen, Municipality Wolfsburg, BayerCropSience.

Ahmad’s native language is Persian. He is fluent in German and English.


Munich, Phone +49 (0)89 5999 4999 – Mail

Change is in the nature of man. However, they need strength and not least an optimistic attitude to tackle it. The uncomfortable realization is: the first step always starts with myself, if I want to remain capable of acting.

Professionally, I spent the last 10 years in a medium-sized company, where I worked my way through several levels up to divisional management. During this time, I had was responsible for several personnel, was able to control processes, design new structures and, most recently, even play a key role in setting up a new organization. I focused on actively involving the more than 200 employees right from the start.

In 2019, I made another career change and have since been working as a consultant in change management. There, I am primarily in the area of “new working worlds” due to my experience.

My goal is to bring out the “human side” in business and to empower people in companies to strengthen their cooperation. My open and appreciative way of dealing with people has always helped me on my way.

Project experience (selection):

Change management and communication support for the introduction of new working environments at an international automotive manufacturer Project support 1 year / approx. 4,000 affected employees
Characteristics: New construction project with a move into a building with new working worlds (desk sharing and activity-based working with increased cross-functional and autonomous working methods, dealing with hybrid work situations).

Team workshops as part of the introduction of new working environments at an international retail group.

Project duration 6 months / workshops conducted with approx. 200 employees
Characteristics: Topics included self-responsibility and self-reflection in connection with activity-based working & future ways of working, team values and team rules, changed understanding of leadership, information and empowerment of employees*.

Organizational development and business field development in the area of social accommodation in a medium-sized, privately owned company with a public sector client.

Duration 5 years / approx. 200 employees affected / 12 decentralized locations.
Characteristics: Concept development, implementation and quality assurance of central services, personnel management and training of employees, dealing with team dynamics, crisis management

Moderation and speaker for Germany-wide management conferences for a medium-sized company

Stocktaking of your company

Hybrid organizational development

Improving leadership competence

Individual and team coaching

Team development



“Jeannette Partner has been supporting Toto Lotto Niedersachsen for several years now in various coaching sessions, the further development of our leadership culture and in our change processes and team development processes. Jeannette Partner has the gift to quickly get into processes and structures and clearly works out the key points. The combination with theoretical models gives all employees the chance to learn from her in a sustainable way. Overall, her consulting approach is characterized by a lot of empathy for her clients while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.”
Sven Osthoff, Managing Director Toto Lotto Lower Saxony

“Experienced, methodologically confident, creative: every coaching session with Ms. Vanhoefer is sustainably effective! She has accompanied us on our growth path for more than 13 years as an organizational developer, as an executive coach and as a conflict consultant. With her empathic personality and great competence, she has found the right method in the different coaching formats every time to develop effective and sustainable action strategies for the communicated concerns.”
Björn Schneider, Managing Director itacs GmbH

“The Change Corporation – in the person of Edda Vanhoefer – accompanied us during our “change”. Edda Vanhoefer opened up new, valuable perspectives for us based on her many years of experience in organizational development. These enabled us to put the project on a much more professional footing. We were able to involve all participants even better and thus achieve better results. Edda Vanhoefer has always been a competent, flexible and pleasant support for us, and I would like to take this opportunity to recommend her once again without reservation.”
Michael Brand, Managing Director die Bayerische IT GmbH


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