"The process of developing a mission statement or vision in the context of solid company development provides support and certainty for your own identity and is thus a prerequisite for planned growth."  


  • Naming the most important factors of identity

  • Description of your own requirements

  • Concentrating on the experienced and desired external effect and taking this into account in the mission statement.

  • Concentrating on the experienced and desired internal effect and taking this into account in the mission statement.

  • Understand discrepancies as a challenge for further continuous and professional development.

  • Be aware of your own values and their significance and act accordingly.



Consequences: the mission statement process affects all elements of the business model

To develop a common understanding of work performance... 

  • What exactly do we do and for whom? 


... and the achievement of results ...

  • How do we do this? 


... and their significance ...

  • Which promise of performance will we give?   


... and meaning in interaction with others and to be measured by them.

  • Where does this lead us?  



Self-concept for training sessions in general

First, we reflect together on your future strategy and assess the resulting requirements.
Starting from the latest developments in adult education, neurobiology and other learning methodologies, we will subsequently develop training sessions and workshops that are suitable for your company culture. Whether participant-oriented or topic and goal-oriented, we always work with group dynamics in our training sessions and workshops and with the goal of the extended action repertoire of your team and employees.