Stress management training

Being healthy and efficient is also possible without stress.

Nowadays we come under unwholesome stress fast and easily as the personal requirements for high performance and
multifunctionality do not leave much room for real and deep recovery and leisure - even free time is often prearranged. 
Furthermore, changes in work and/or private life increase the susceptibility to stress. Stress affects physical, mental,
psychological and emotional levels and may have serious long-term consequences if the symptoms are ignored. 

We support you in recognising existing stress patterns; we help you to relieve or reduce existing symptoms and to create
situations in which trust, creativity and performance can grow. We do this preferably both within the context of the change
processes, which we accompany as change agents, and within the context of the coaching and/or leadership training
which we implement.




How stressed are you?
Do the stress test according to Thomas Weil!
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I. Description of results: results so far after implementing stress management Workshops for different clients.

  • Acute symptoms disappear and/or become less

  • The need to create a more stress-free working environment is recognised. Previous habits are checked
    and changed if necessary.

  • The ability to keep oneself healthy at a high level of performance is increasing

  • The connection between individual possibilities and the business environment becomes visible and the scope
    of the possibilities for change become clear


II. Initial situation: People in the company complain about stress symptoms or they do not complain and really
want to fulfil their obligation to exercise diligence.


III. Possible stress indicators:

  • It is considered trendy not to have any time

  • People are at the company for more than 10 hours

  • The power of concentration suffers

  • Performance declines

  • The feeling of insecurity increases

  • Emotional sensitivities play far too great a role

  • Private life becomes less and less important

  • Physical symptoms occur


IV. Requirements: In order to face these effects, sustainably effective measures, which are appropriate for
the organisation, are necessary to handle stress.