Communication training

Good communication is one of the most important success factors in your company.

I. Description of results: results so far after implementing communication training for different clients.

  • There are still misunderstandings, but they have reduced significantly.
    Overall, the participants' communication behaviour has considerably improved.

  • They are able to communicate more clearly and precisely so that the intended message is actually received by the discussion partner.

  • They know how to adapt to their discussion partner.

  • They can actively see to it that they are able to absorb more information, for example, by not assuming so much that they already know what it is all about, but instead listen, ask and challenge more in order to ascertain what the point really is.

  • In sales they listen to what the client actually wants and needs.

  • Solutions and benefits are "sold" based on it.

  • In connection with complaints, clients are no longer experienced as the "enemy".


II. Initial situation: Good communication within the company, but also outside with clients, service providers, suppliers, etc. is one of the most important factors in a company. This seems to be the easiest thing in the world for many employees, simply because they can speak. In daily business, however, it becomes clear very quickly that efficient communication is much more than that; especially when communication does not produce the desired results. 


III. In view of the company, this means that:

Leadership complains that employees do not adhere to their specifications, although they think they have expressed them. Employees feel misunderstood and disoriented. Mutual expectations remain unspoken. Communication remains non-binding and therefore also the implementation In view of the outside, this means that Tasks are not clarified clearly enough, because the participants believe that they already know what the other ones mean. Client complaints escalate because the client does not feel understood.
And sentences like these ones are also not supportive:

  • "We don't have to keep talking about this. It's clear, isn't it?"

  • "Anybody who uses common sense knows this."

  • "I've already heard this a hundred times."

  • "The communication flow doesn't work for us."


IV. Requirements: Actually, communication training does not solve every problem which looks like a communication problem. In order to reach the desired effects of an effective communication culture, it needs a sustainably effective measure that is appropriate for the organisation.