Demands on leadership are extensive and complex. They move in continuous conflict areas, such as between the expectations of the company and their employees, the demands of the market and their own. Leadership always needs to solve conflicts of interest again and again. All tasks which cannot even be incidentally fulfilled, especially if the operative matters have already been completed.


Companies should understand the continuous leadership development as a strategic and value-based approach and learn to appreciate the resulting added value.


A company sends these inherent messages with its continuous leadership development:

  • Leadership is important for us

  • Leadership can be learned

  • Leadership must and can be further developed


Leadership development means for us - development in a company:

  • Is integrated in the company strategy and complies with the company goals and values

  • Is part of a strategic personnel development

  • Is a continuous process with reflection and change loops

  • Ensures networking in the company¬†

  • Supports individual and organisational learning