In all complex change processes, the different degrees of 
affectedness on participants are to be managed.


Every decision involving a complex process of change should create clarity concerning the different roles
of individuals involved. For many of the persons concerned, change is accompanied by open questions 
and unforeseeable consequences at the beginning. All our selected measures for the change process are
therefore coordinated with manifold implications. The decision maker level has to communicate clearly
and plausibly background information concerning the goals of change and enter the dialogue in order to
ensure commitment for change and thus successful implementation. 
The complexity of change is based on the fact that several levels and fields are frequently affected by the
change process that needs to be managed. Change management focuses on people and organisation
with the emphasis on communication, leadership and culture.




Definition of "process" in the context of change management

Processes in change management are deliberately initiated procedures which offer room to those involved to describe, analyse and reflect on their current situation and the required changes with a view to develop autonomous, helpful interpretations and alternatives for action and to make decisions.